Item Upload Tool

  •           Check’s for Part codes against SQL table

  •          Automatic accuracy checks on segment vs description

  •           Automatic description accuracy checks

  •          Bill of Material Lookup based on spool # or Barcode

  •       Splits long part code into segments

  •         Backlog / Task viewer based on SQL status

  •         Builds out report to add new partcodes

  •         Bill of Material Revision Assistant

  •         Import from text list for mass code creation

  •           Breakout for visual part code checking



Material Take off Report Processor


An AHK tool to manage macros and external scripts.

This tool is a simple passion project for my needs regarding CAD/Omniwin, J D Edwards, and Excel. Some of the scripts provided are hard coded specifically for my use case and will not work properlly if executed on your computer.

Support for simple strings, AHK formatted keys, and external executable's or ahk scripts.

# Features

- Sends plain text

- Executes .AHK scripts and .exe applications

- Sends [AHK key mapping](

- Support 5 plain text / key mappings

- Script repository is now listed on the bottom right.

# Usage:

- To send a simple string or AHK key command simply type it in the provided text box, in the format you wish it to occur.

- To run scripts / external applications simply type "Script" and then the full file name.

  Support for ahk scripts and external applications outside of the "scripts" folder has not yet been added.

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