Manages key mapping for hotkeys and scripts/executables.

Download from Github


  • - Sends plain text.
  • - Executes .ahk scripts and .exe applications.
  • - Sends [AHK key mapping]
  • - 57 Hotkey combinations
  • - 5 custom key or mouse mappings.
  • - The script repository is now listed on the bottom right.
  • - Open applications with the use of the "Run" command.
  • - Opens google search in the web browser and searches for highlighted text.
  • - Simulate mouse clicks.
  • - Internal command ShowXY to show the X and Y coordinates of the mouse in real-time.


  • - To send a string or AHK key command simply type it in the hotkey text box.
  • - To run scripts / external applications located in the script repository type "Script" and then the full file name.
  • - To run programs type "Run program_name" Ex: Run Notepad
  • - To use the google search function, simply have "Google" in the hotkey text box while highlighting a string of text and pressing the hotkey.
  • - To Click type "Click Xcord Ycord" Ex: Click 100 100
  • - To use the Internal command to show the X and Y coordinate of the mouse, have "Internal ShowXY" in the hotkey text box.
  • - Ctrl+Esc to show a list of all active hotkeys and what they are assigned to.

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